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Heatsinks and case design

Posted in Audio by Administrator on the July 7th, 2005

Ok… What’s the status on the Aleph-X?
I never got a reply from deltour heatsinks, so I will verify the price and go for the Australian heatsinks. These are, however, slightly below my ideal heatdissipation (0,279 K/W each instead of 0,21 K/W) so I have to settle with a slightly less powerfull amplifier. It will still deliver 99 Watt at 8 Ohm with a peak of 117 Watt at 6.5 Ohm.

Because of the change of heatsinks I also redesigned the case (it’s still early design):

Here’s also a schematic of the powersupply: Schematic
The resistor represents the load of the amplifier, which in the simulations would amount to: 22 Volts @ 6.1A (which is more then I will actually use).

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