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Posted in Audio by Administrator on the June 29th, 2005

Yesterday I queried about the prices of heatsinks, for I am building my own little (well, not so little) amplifier. The amplifier a Class A Aleph-X amplifier based on pattents by Nelson Pass and designed by user GRollins at diyaudio.com. Nelson Pass graciously allows users to build their own versions of his designs and actively supports this community. I’m going to build two mono amplifiers rated at 120 Watt Class A (which is a lot for this type of design) becuase of the ineffeciency of the amplifier, but it has a big advantage: they ought to sound great!

However what I wanted to say was this:
I needed 4 big heatsinks and queried at a company here in the netherlands (clofis.nl) for the right kind of heatsinks and was told they cost 145 euro excl. VAT (or BTW as we call it in Holland). Slightly taken back by the price I also queried at Conrad Heatsinks which is a company in Australia, similar heatsinks cost 139 euro for 4 of them. Which; including Fed-ex delivery; would set me back 195.7 euro and 4-5 day delivery time. The last company I queried (Deltour) has not yet responded, but is cheaper than Clofis (I hope), because I find it silly that buying around 10KG of heatsinks (including delivery) in Australia is slightly more expensive than buying a quarter of the amount in a city 15 KM from where I live (without delivery),

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