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Marantz CD-63

Posted in Audio by Administrator on the August 3rd, 2006

It’s been a while since i’ve posted new stuff here. But that was because i was busy with other stuff then writing on this blog.

I’ve been mostly busy modding my father’s old Marantz CD-63SE cd-player. There’s a huge thread on DiyAudio.com about this (click here to see it). There’s tons of interesting information in it. And modifying the cd-player will give a huge improvement. In my opinion the most rewarding were: changing the powersupply for the indivdual parts of the player, changing the opamps (not because it was an extreme improvement but because i installed sockets so i could switch between 2 opamps and hear the difference). Mod’s that also made a big difference: removing the muting circuitry and bypassing the HDAM module.

How big is the difference? Well once i played a cd on my DVD-player for fun, but the songs i heard were soo different. Some instruments seemed to be hidden by the dvd-player which were clearly defined in the sound of the cd-player.

The bad stuff: unfortunately during my last attempt to upgrade the cd-player with extra regulators i seem to have caused a short somewhere in the player and thusfar i’ve been unable to fix that. I knew something like this would happen, my cd-player has been opened and closed tweaked modded and prodded at for hundreds of times now and it was starting to show. But one hell of an adventure, and certainly not something i regret… I’m just trying to find a cheap old marantz player for some extra modding :)

On last note: for all the people that have an old marantz lying around, the mod’s are also applicable to the Marantz CD-43, CD-53 and the CD-67. Which are all based around the same PCB (accept the CD-67 which is a later version of the 63 with differences in the PCB layout and the chips used etc).

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