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Silver interlinks

Posted in Audio by Administrator on the August 6th, 2005

A few weeks back I ordered some silver wire from ebay for use in my amplifier. I couldn’t wait however to build my own little interlinks. Using 2 x 4 strains with each 0.5 mm in diameter I created interlinks. Compared to my Xindak interlinks the placing of the instruments in stereo was better, unfortunately this came at the cost of too much treble. Like other silver interconnects I have heard at home, the detail is amazing. But listening to Miles Davis’s trompet play is very tiring and that’s not the way it should be.

Tommorrow I’ll try to see the difference between the silver interconnects i’ve build and my Xindak cables through an oscilloscope. Maybe I can pinpoint the problem and see if maybe the connectors that i’ve used on my interconnects are the cause of the problem (cheap used connectors I had lying around)

Audio update

Posted in Audio by Administrator on the August 6th, 2005

Well, not much news about the aleph-x, but it seems my next project a pre-amplifier for the aleph-x is starting to progress. The amplifier, called Balenced Zen line stage or Bride Of Son Of Zen is a design made by the famous Nelson Pass and the version I will build is modified to sound just that little bit better. The generous Nelson Pass designed this pre-amplifier to match the Son of Zen. The Zen series was designed by Nelson Pass to show people that simple designs can sound good and that it’s not that difficult to build a good sounding amplifier.

The original design can be found here
The thread that started the group buy for this design can be found here (PCB design/modification by diyaudio.com user Kari)