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First post!

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the June 24th, 2005

PutPixel has ceased to exist. Although it happened a while ago. I (Jacco Flenter) never got the patience to change the website.
Now I finally took the time to change it.

Let me explain what PutPixel was: a small company founded by Jacco Flenter a few months after he (or should I say I) graduated at the School of Arts Utrecht (HKU). The company was active for around 1 and a half years and after that it ceased it operations while I got a fulltime job at an Internet company. Like most of the freelancers who start working at an office job I welcomed regular paychecks and having collegues to expend your professional vision.

Enough about Putpixel. This blog will be used to express some of my interests and collect interesting links and news stories about my interests (which are interaction design, webdevelopment, programming, philosophy, audio, music and other stuff).